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I love Monster High! The dolls, the cartoons, the fashion, it is so adorable. So decided to cosplay as one of the characters that I liked the most: Ghoulia Yelps. I know, she is a zombie but she is the most intelligent ghoul in Monster High. Plus, she has rocking style.


I bought some black boots at Wal-mart for $25 and used acrylic paint to make the details of white and red in the boots. When it was dry, I make holes in the front part all the way down to use red laces to make the boot have that feel like it was a sneaker but with high heels. XD Then, I made with foamie, sharpie and hot glue, the detail of the logo from Monster High.


-I had a pair of red pants already. SCORED! With black sharpie, did the black dots details to the pants and with black ribbon, made the black lines of the pants.


Bought a white belt. First, made the black details with sharpie and then with hot glue and black foamie, pasted the pieces in the form of a piano. XD The belt buckle was made with gray foamie and metallic sharpie. Hot glue too!


The stripped shirt was made with black and red ribbon pasted in a old white long sleeve shirt. At last minute, had to to sew the back of the shirt to make it fit. Had an old fish net shirt. I cut the sleeves to use it for Ghoulia's long shirt. The cherry tank top was made with white with a cherry design fabric, red ribbon and the help of a sewing machine. Made it a big bigger so it will fit on top of the other shirt. The pin was made with foamie, pink felt, sharpie and hot glue. And a safety pin on the back of the logo.


Bought a blue light wig and painted the high lights with blue sharpie. The diadem was white and painted with green spray.


-The zipper earrings was a challenge. Found a necklace with many colorful zippers which I had to break to get use the pink zippers for my earrings for Ghoulia. Bought some ear nuts at a shop then with hot glue, glued the zipper to the back of the ear nut. It was fun since now, I have 6 pairs of zipper earrings.

-The necklace was fun to do too. I bought some clear beads, painted them with metallic sharpie. Then, bought a pink bead for the detail in the middle and with some metal necklace, made the whole thing. Used some glue to make the beads stay in their place.

-The purse was fun. Used a white box from a modem of a computer, painted it black, did the details with foamie and sharpie. Added a belt so I could carry it and inside the box, was my Ipod with some speakers, "Monster High Theme Song" was out load inside of it.

-I found some white frame eyeglasses at Claire's for $8. Then, added some white foamie for the details.

-I bought a normal notebook and with foamie, sharpie and paper, I did the diary that Ghoulia's Doll come with.

-Pink nail polish for nails.

-Blue lenses.

-Red lipstick.

-Used a white makeup base and a lot of different light makeup to look lighter than my actually skin tone.

HAD A LOT OF FUN MAKING IT! My hard work paid off since I won second place in the category I was participating and best in show that day winning two trophies and a $150 check. Not bad. :D

Did a little dancing!
Ghoulia dancing XD:

How many times have I wore it:

One time for Kaisen 9 Lives in Puerto Rico on Saturday, October 8, 2011.


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