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Series inFAMOUS
Character Cole Macgrath
Variant InFAMOUS Classic Cole


yaoiXlife I saw the walkthrough online lol But actually We got 2 separate shirts at Michale's arts and crafts in Salem NH. There 2 for 5 bucks which is a good deal then we cut it up, modified it and there ya go. No color Dye was used =D but I for the Hotels I recommend the Marriott. Cause once AB posts the hotel info its gonna be like $222 per night! then again its boston... but The Marriott is 179or 180 a night and if you have AAA it will decrease it to lik 150 maybe 160 a night. The Hilton is another good one. my friends stayed there and their service was excellent they even like cospayers =3 and its 169 a night.

yaoiXlife I already uploaded some shots on my account =D And I spoiled myself with FOB but it looked so good! I loved the ending yay plot twists! but I will play it myself when my BF downloads it on his PS3,I will get one soon. But ya I was thinking the same thing probably Friday. I'm most likely going to stay at the Marriott its so much cheaper compared to the Sheraton ><

yaoiXlife I agree! he is going to download it soon! then im going to get my hands on it! XD by the way what day are you planning to do Cole for AB? and i'm gonna upload progress shots of Trish!

yaoiXlife ouch! I hate it when that happens. when something that you build and put alot hard work in breaks. Thats what happened to my boyfriend's K9 from doctor who on the way at AB 11 via subway =( I hope the amp will feel better after its fixed XD my bf is going to do festival of blood cole for AB 12 =D

yaoiXlife XD wow! well now i'm so pumped for this! I have most of the stuff done. I just need 2 more things! once my wig arrives I will take pictures =D But really I think its my facial structure that gives it away XD

yaoiXlife really! dude people keep saying I look like trish! XD do I really?

yaoiXlife DUDE u are amazing for doing this! Are you gonna be cole for anime boston 2012? I'm planning trish =D

Colemcgrathjr. Nicceee where in the hell did you find that shirt??? And the union jackbon the pants???? Nice