Princess Sailor Moon

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon



「I will destroy the planet again, if things continue as they are...」

Sailor Moon again - but this time another Senshi :3
Princess Sailor Moon fascinates me, since I've seen the live act for the first time, not only from Fuku, but also in character. And ever since I've seen the drawings of the new edition of the manga - and Naoko Takeuchi's drawing of Princess Sailor Moon - I knew that I would cosplay her.

The only thing I was really stressed at the Cosplay was the lace. First I wanted to do it with the sewing machine - a venture which would probably only have been possible in half a year, if I had done nothing else to do xD; and then it occured to me, I just look for another lace - even if that is not that great so far&gt;_<; and finally I got the idea: why not simply retrace the sheets with adhesive and then cut out?
No sooner said than done. The required tracks were recorded on tissue paper, organza pinned to it and off we went :D
That the most time-consuming work was cut out, probably will not be mentioned xD

With the result I'm really happy, the whole cosplay has become just as I had imagined :3


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