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This was a dream costume of mine back in highschool, but my skills weren't near high enough to try and attempt to recreate this costume. A friend of mine wanted to try her hand at a more complicated character design and asked if I was down with doing a KoF group with her and Raabee from Milwaukee. I wanted to do something simple but I had almost all of the materials laying around for Nagase, so I decided she had to be it!

I can definitely say I sat on my ass for this costume D: The tights and wig were created in about a day and the rest of it (literally the dress, bootcovers, buttons, etc) was made the night before the convention - NEVER AGAIN. I'm missing a few things but since I was so crunched for time I decided to omit the few items, specially since hardly anyone knows who the character is anyways :(

The wig was previously platinum blonde but I dyed it with RIT dye (yes guize, it does work) and wefted in black and white human hair. The black hair was backcombed in 3 sections and sprayed until it stayed in place in a comb/point in the back to create the ducktail. I want to try and actually style more definite shape into the wig when I've got more time.

The dress and bootcovers are made out of yellow stretch poplin I had sitting around - it worked out great and was very color accurate. The fur was a sherpa fur I bought at Walmart - the backside was so thick I couldn't sew or handsew through it, so I had to end up hotglueing it to the dress (again, made the night before - fucks were not given). The bootcovers I ended up sloppily handsewing and gluing at the hotel, but they turned out alright. The tights and sleeves were sewn stripe by stripe with black and gray knit fabric. The buttons were all cover buttons covered in gray symphony cotton.

All in all I'm impressed at myself that I was able to finish something like this in a span of 24 hours or less, but I wish I would've given myself more time to make it look more professional and less sloppy :( It pictures very nicely which surprised the hell out of me, so I can't be too disappointed :) I can definitely say I would have never been able to make it half as nice as this (even in 24 hours) back in highschool haha.

Overall I'd like to rework a few things and finish off the gauntlets, make the weapons, and fully style the wig if I wear it again.


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Series King of Fighters: Maximum Impact 2
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prince_izumi wow great job. you never see anyone cosplay her so its great to see someone do it