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I've been wanting to make a new version of Halloween Town Roxas for a long while now (I retired version 1 at Otakuthon 2009 - it was ripping more than I had wanted it ripped). I got the idea for this new version while playing Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.

Why inspired by this particular game? Anyone who's beaten this game will know of the mission I'm thinking of. The mission where you have to go and defeat the Leechgrave. Jack spots Roxas disappearing, and he ends up making a scarecrow based off of Roxas. I really want to make this into a costume. Thank you Square Enix for providing yet another excellent costume idea!! And this design should qualify as legit since it's based off of something that actually appears in the game!

The coat is made of black Halloween polyester that I paid $2/meter for ^^ I modified the Matrix coat pattern slightly to add a hood, and change the bottom of the coat. I cut out jagged triangles to the bottom and sewed them shut with a zig-zag stitch to prevent fraying ^^ The buttonholes were done by my mom. Otherwise, I did the whole coat by myself :)

The pants I bought at the Madoc thrift store for $2. To give them the look I wanted, I took a pair of scissors to the bottom of the pant legs and cut them into jagged triangle shapes. None of which are even. Which is precisely what I wanted. I'm so glad that I'll be able to have pockets for this costume, I think the only other one that has pockets is Godai xD

As usual, I'll be wearing a pair of boots for this cosplay, as I usually do for my cosplays. What pair though, I'll have to figure that out once the costume's done.

I made glovelets and a fingerslip to go with this cosplay. I also made four tendrils of darkness and a tie to go around my neck ^^

Of course, using the same Roxas wig I've had since 2008. Styled by my dear friend Alexis-Rider X3 I still love this wig!!! Maybe one day I'll style a Roxas wig on my own, but I will always keep this one!!

Makeup was done completely with grease makeup ^^ It scares small children and teenagers.


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Series Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
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Variant Halloween Town 2.0


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