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Well I made the jacket a while back and now that its wig shopping season I might as well get a move on wit finding a wig. The t shirt I'm using in the picture is actually the 9000 t shirt because I don't have just a plain black t shirt at this time. So wit that being said I need a wig and a plain black t shirt unless I just maybe flip that one inside out or something <,< &gt;,&gt;

Anyway those shoes seemed like they'd match although ironically the store that I got them from is not in business anymore but it would have been nice to find a pair in yellow for my shou cosplay. I've used these pants in all my GX cosplays so no problem just washing them up for this one.

I recently got a black turtle neck for this cosplay. I will also be getting a plain black t shirt for summer based cosplays

I know I recently posted a topic regarding making a wig but instead I went and bought a wig.


@Otaku Gunso
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BruisedBlood i have a jaden yuki one too! i did him at NYCC :] it looked nice and i got lots of hugs i was sorta of suprised x}