Limeyaku as Yoruichi Shihouin

Yoruichi Shihouin


Battle Suit

Cosplayer: Limeyaku
I focused most of my time and energy making what we call our 'Epic Byakuya', and then threw this together in a week.

Was going to make the orange jacket version...but ran out of time.

Then I was going to do the Suzumebachi-stung version but decided to skip the white butterfly since I didn't have the tattoos ordered and drawing them on just wouldn't do! otherwords...ran out of time.

So I stuck with this one.

Heck, I didn't even REALLY finish this one! The arm warmers were ghetto'ed the night before... eventually I plan to remake the bits and pieces and assemble the other versions as well... especially since my Epic Byakuya bought me a brand new sewing machine for a job well done. =3

This was the first ponytail wig I ever attempted to do. I hate it. And never want to make another one EVER again.

Also, yes, the left side of my wig started to fall flat. Again, due to some bad storage pre-con, and lack of time to fix it. But it got the job done!

Regardless of all the flaws, this costume was incredibly fun and comfortable to wear and still received many, many compliments which made me very, very happy. :)

Wig styled by me. ENTIRE thing made by me. And the black bodysuit is actually a bodysuit ( that I made!!! I've never made a bodysuit!!! ) with no front seams. Love it!

Oh, and the tan is real! I'm pale as a ghost in Winter, so thank goodness this was for a Summer convention and I have a backyard with a pool! :D