A bunch of my friends are into Kuroshitsuji, and I had decided to marathon the anime this last semester. I've been meaning to read the manga too but just haven't had the time or money to invest in it. I decided Finny was my favorite, and lucky for me it's also a really easy and cheap cosplay to put together.

My friends decided on doing a Kuroshitsuji group for A-kon 2011, and I wanted to join in but didn't know if I could pull it off since I was already so busy with other projects. I decided to sacrifice the time I would spend styling my new Yusei wig and work on Finny instead as a surprise for my Ciel.

The wig was something I already had on-hand. I originally got it a long time ago for a Durarara group (I wanted to be Kida) but it never happened XDD. It's not the ideal wig for Finny, but I wasn't being picky. I got it for cheap on and styled it in about an hour in our hotel room at the con. Hairpins were just painted red with acrylic paint and sealed with nail polish. I might get some thicker hair clips later if I get the chance to cosplay Finny again in the future.

I made the shirt out of white till with a pajama shirt pattern as a base. Just cut a slit down the front and finished all the edges with red bias tape. I already had all the materials for this on-hand, so it was no cost for me. :3

The pants took longer to make than anything else. I bought a yellow ponte knit material for the base (used pattern McCall's 5391), but I had to paint all the lines by hand.

Brown belt pouch was made without a pattern out of brown vinyl. It was super handy because I could carry stuff in it! XD This was another part of the costume that I already had all the materials for on-hand :3

Gloves were $1, the hat was on clearance for $3 at Wal-mart (thankies to Liz for such a good find!), socks were also from wal-mart, and the boots were $12 rain boots that I quickly modified with red duct tape along the top and bottom. I want to switch out the duct tape for something different later, but again I wasn't picky at the time. XD All I did to the hat was add string with an adjuster made out of craft foam (isn't functional; just hot-glued in place) and glued on piece of red blanket binding for the ribbon (had it leftover from another cosplay, whoo-hoo!)


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