Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt



I love doing last-minute costumes before a convention, so this was my decision. I tried to get a friend to do Scanty with me, but things didn't work out due to time constrictions. At first I tried to buy a zentai suit instead of making my own just in case my friend decided to make Scanty so our skin colors would match -- however, when my suit arrived, it had a huge freaking iron burn right on the chest. Needless to say, I got a full refund, and with that refund I made my own suit. It would have been more difficult had I not used the ruined suit as a pattern. I actually made 2 bodysuits because I couldn't find any red lycra that wasn't orangish in color in my area, so I made my first out of a knit that didn't stretch well at all. Then by a stroke of luck, I found the perfect lycra in a town 30 minutes away. I found fake nails, painted them blue and then glued them to the glove parts of the suit.

The horn is made from white model magic. I then covered it with layers upon layers of Mod Podge then sanded it smooth, painted it red with acrylic paint, and sealed it with a clear spray paint. It was then simply sewn onto the wig because model magic is foamy and easy to sew into. The top, skirt, collar, arm bands, gauntlets, and thigh bands were all made within a week and a half of the convention. I wish that I had body tape on me as I didn't think of the vinyl wanting to slide around because I was wearing a bodysuit and it wasn't sticking to my skin. That's why in most photos my criss-cross gauntlets weren't staying up properly.

The face makeup took me an hour and a half to complete. My first test took me only an hour, but at the convention I tried a few different techniques. I used Krylon cake makeup in the color 081, with Ben Nye Creme Color makeup in the color CL-13 Fire Red on top to try to match my bodysuit as well as possible. The red was then set with Ben Nye's Neutral Set colorless face powder. It still wanted to rub off a bit, so I think in the future I'll seal it up with good old fashioned hairspray. It took me about 2 ½ - 3 hours to get into full costume, and I had to have help by my fiance since there isn't much grip with me wearing gloves and all.


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Series Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt
Character Kneesocks
Variant Transformation


Chaoticxxbeauty are you selling?

lostjuly i saw your post on tumblr and i love this, you look fantastic!

slicedcrayon Do you sell the wigs or anything? C:

Saphira112 Beautiful, elegant, and extremely sexy! You did a great job!

darkmoonroses I think I saw your cosplay for all of 5 seconds at ACen. xD I don't remember what day or when rofl. But still tis was awesome and one of the best that I have seen. I would also love to pull this cosplay off someday, but as of right now no. But I do wanna do Panty's cop outfit from episode 8 next year.

devious-tofu Ben Nye's final seal is fantastic!! My Kneesocks and I used that and we didn't rub off AT ALL! Great job with the costume! Very demonic :)

cony-tenten so wonderful T__T so awsome!!

MikamiSama awesome Kneesocks

LunarSelenia Probably the only well done transformation scene I've seen. Looks very well done. My friend and I did the blazers version, it took us 4 hours to get in costume but it was worth it XD I do feel your pain with the gloves bit, we had issues too. I just wanted to tell you how awesome it looks <3 Pulling off the demon sisters are hard enough, pulling them off well is another story XD Great job.

KnightJeran Super amazing! You're a great Kneesocks! I love how well your makeup matches your bodysuit.