Chikorita #152




- Pictures coming soon -


My first gijinka cosplay and it's a Pokémon! =D I loved Pokémon, when I was a child and I still like. But not as much as before. ^^'

Anyway, my best friend and I searched for a cute partner cosplay and we came to Pokémon. We looked trough a lot of gijinka versions and then we saw these cute Chikoritas - one as a male and one as a female. We decided to do these two.

I made the female Chikorita.The dress was easy, but it was hard to find the right colors for the fabric, I think we made a good choice. Well, some things came not the way out we wanted them, but in the end we both are somehow satisfied and we had a lot of fun in these cosplays.
You can jump around and smile and of course look cute, when you cosplay a Pokémon like Chikorita. =)


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Series Pokémon
Character Chikorita #152
Variant Female Gijinka


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