Photo Finish

My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic



Everything was done the morning of the convention. ^____^;;

I didn't have time to make the camera briefcase and I really wanted to make a shirt with wider stripes, but couldn't find enough of the material.

Next time will be better! Promise! ^__^;



Changed the shirt and shoes (because, sadly, my old shoes broke.) and added blue tights and the briefcase.


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Narnian Well done! I love your take on her!

Kisamesensei09 She has vorked...DE MAGICKS!

Raven-Roth <3 lmao! this is amazing!

Aradiadiane I'm loving [email protected] I was hoping I would be the first one, but you did a great job, especially considering that you threw it together the day of.

PosiTori Awesome!