Fleur Delacour

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows



Fleur’s wedding gown is obviously inspired by a dress from the Alexander McQueen collection autumn/winter 2008/2009.

The floor-length gown is made of off-white satin and off-white tulle. The upper part of the gown has an overlay of tulle. The layered, fluffy design of the skirt is achieved with the help of a huge amount of square pieces of tulle which are sewn directly onto the skirt. The gown is decorated with two huge ‘phoenix’ appliques which are composed of several black appliqués (head and body of the phoenix) and lace (tail of the phoenix). The gown has a small train and closes in the back with an invisible zipper. A crinoline and a tulle petticoat are worn underneath.

The headdress is made of a brass headband, wire and two black appliqués.


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Series Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Character Fleur Delacour
Variant Phoenix wedding gown


CinnamonJazz So awesome! great job!!!

eamski1028 i would LOVE to wear the fleur dress to my prom in may 2012. i've been looking ALL OVER for one to but i can't find one. would you consider selling or maybe renting this to me?

Narnian Beautiful!

louna2011 amazing!!!! I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!

BenaeQuee This is gorgeous! You did a beautiful job on it!

Josephine so beautiful

Pink Princess Fantastic, I love the shape & interesting detailing, excellent Moh

Eowyn_of_Edoras Wow, absolut irre!! Wirklich wunderschön, freue mich schon es live zu sehen.

Chaarly You look totally STUNNING my dear <3 I'm really in love with you and the dress!

WARPAINTandUnicorns Very lovely lace work there.

kelldar gorgeous, excellent work as always!!

Edestra Hey Mohmoh... it turned out beautiful!!! You look stunning in it!!!!

micro-babe Oh my gosh. This is so pretty. I'm dying from the pretty.

padmeskywalker5 Absolutely beautiful! I'm glad someone chose to make this dress!

awagoner1 i have been hoping....waiting....for someone to cosplay this. i love you!

grinning_angel wow.... ganz großes Kino. Und der Kopfschmuck schaut auch so toll aus. Ich bin begeistert