Lace Masquerade Fairy

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The dress is the same as my Steampunk Artemis, but heavily modified. I made all the accessories from vintage lace and many beads, chains, and jewels.

The wings were a very complex process of modifying some sculptural elements, vacuumforming them, modifying some more, attaching various pieces, Dremeling out the holes and cleaning the seams, painting, highlighting, and creating a harness. I am willing to make more sets to sell but only if I can streamline the process.

The dress lit up underneath. It was supposed to be a very warm diffused glow but I ran out of time to change the color so they were more of a cool blue (that'll be an improvement for next time) and at the last minute I decided I liked the little points of light, so I could run around pretending to be a will-o-the-wisp. :)


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Character Lace Masquerade Fairy


Lushlife1990 I looove the lace mask! Did you stiffen the lace your self?