Tamaki Suoh

Ouran High School Host Club



The KING of the host club shall be present at Expo on sunday~~~***~~~<3

I'm so excited xDD I'm gonna carry round a big bunch of roses to hand out to all the princesses (and princes!) at Expo *w*!! Off-site hosting FTW xD

...idk why I leave things so last minute btw xD

Expo is this weekend. It's now thursday, and I'm only just finishing off sewing the blazer (I started tuesday), and I still need to finish styling the wig o.o;; I also need to take in my shirt... &gt;.&gt;;;; *idiot* Along with this I need to finish my Gil cosplay &gt;.&gt;;;;;;;;

...eheh &gt;3&gt;;


OOOHHmygosh. I actually love this cosplay xD Seriously, I think it's my favourite so far. It's super comfortable, it wasn't super expensive, and the wig is soft and silky and delicious *3*

I ♥ that blazer... I think it came out pretty decent, considering it was the first blazer I ever made :O I chose to go for a light blue, cause I think it looks pretty &gt;W&gt;;; Leaving it till 4 days before the expo was kiiind of a bad idea though o_o;; *learns from this* OTL;;;

DAT WIG. UNFFFFFFFFF -- My actual favourite wig ever. I feel like Justin Bieber in it :'D It's so soft and fwooshy and comfortable and homygod♥ I got it from cosplayDNA on ebay - check'em out, they do lovely wigs!!♥

All in all, I really love this cosplay. I love wearing it, and I love being in-character!! Handing out my roses at expo was so much fun xD And even outside of expo - when me, Pip and Tash went to Tatton Park for a photoshoot, I totally hosted on a random group of ladies there xD They were so cute!!!<333


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