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I love this costume very colorful !!! ... I need to make it more perfect... My head have mistake and I need to do lights :p to be more creepy !!! &gt;_<


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Character Soma


cakestina This is amazing!!!! I'm so happy to see an Ar Tonelico Qoga reference!!

Mageia!! I can't even describe how awesome this is in words.

BONFUR'S BUNBUN i am unworthyy i am unworthy (> 0 o 0)> *bows*

Sakura_CC Félicitations!! Ton costume était vraiment incroyable :D

cosmyfun great costume, love it.

smirnoff excellent

jusdepomme en passant, le best in show, c'était et présentation et workmanship ;)

Pocketfightr That looks sooooo cool! That's one of those series that's always had me curious and now I'm even more so.

Jen-Jen Ahh this is great! :DD

Hillasaur i love this <3 its really cute

Marillawen Yaaaay your costume has been showcased So happy for you :D

MDA Congratulations very much on your award! And I loved your performance~! It was excellent! Fantastic job on the costume as well!

PuuNyaa Sooooo cooooool! *_*

Mayu_chan This cosplay is made of win. *__* I'm your fan forever for cosplaying Soma. Ar tonelico doesn't get as much love as it deserves.

WARPAINTandUnicorns That's pretty awesome!