Princess Mononoke



Budget cost: 22. 58$
Wood Circles: 58 cents
Cotton (navy and white): 12$
Grizzly faux fur (Shag): 0$
Earring pieces: 6$
Half Foam Core Circle: 4$


Used an old dress for my pattern. The edges were left raw to give a worn look. The cuts were made with an exacto knife.


Used the same pattern for over shirt. The over shirt was sewn onto the dress. I used cocoa powder and coffee for the stains.

(3" shag faux fur)

Made a big square panel. I added darts on the neckline for a better fit. I folded the sides in 3 inches, to give the illusion that it was completely lined with fur. The inside panel is lined with some leftover swimsuit liner.

+ I used a hood pattern. I sewed it to the top of the cape, to avoid shifting.

+ I used a shoe lace string for the tie. The fangs are Crayola Clay. I used mod podge, acrylic paint and cocoa powder to weather the fangs.


Used faux leather remnants. The jewel is a button. The headband is connected in the center with elastic so it will fit comfortably over the head.

+ The earrings are circles from the wood section at Joanns. I drilled holes into the earrings and used clasps and earring studs.

(half foam core circle)

A half foam circle. I sanded the edges so it would fit on my face. The top was also sanded. I put on a few coats of mod podge and painted it with acrylic paint. The ears are Styrofoam, sanded down and sealed with 3 layers of mod podge.

+I used a 2 1/8" wide circle drill for the holes. The decorative circles around the eyes are napkin rings that I scavenged from home. I used tacky glue to hold them in place. The other decorative lines on the mask are craft foam. The fur hood was glued on with tacky glue.

reused from Songstress Yuna cosplay.


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