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This costume was made for a new group project with our friends Ai Murasaki Toransu Purei who cosplay Kaoru, Toshiya and Shinya. The making was really strange because if earlier Camui and I helped each other with some details of our costumes, now we decided to exchange the whole costumes: I was making Kyo's one and Camui was making Die's one. We did that because I don't like sewing many similar details but I'm okay with difficult constructions, but for Camui it's all vice versa. So I didn't want to sew a pile of straps and he didn't want to sew Kyo's tricky robe.

Making was really difficult because we had to little time for these difficult cosplays but our friends Kaoru, Toshiya and Shinya helped us with them. A big thanks to them for their efforts! We couldn't have finished everything in time without their help. I'm really glad that we did another group project with our friends and made such difficult costumes.

Defile video [August 2016]: https://youtu.be/sYtNpMon9vc


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Series Dir En Grey
Character Die
Variant Tsumi to Batsu


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