The Legend of Zelda



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This is most certainly my favorite costume I've created so far! Started planning it at soon as I walked out of MegaCon 2015, but really kicked it in three months before the con.
I've played Legend of Zelda since I was six years old, and got a Wii from my mom as a college graduation gift last year. I now own all of the Zelda games and am currently deep in Ocarina of Time. I had been going back and forth over whether I should cosplay Princess Zelda or do a Fem!Link, but as soon as I saw this awesome Hylian shield at Walker Stalker Con, I made up my mind.
From what I learned doing my Fem!Castiel, I know that I absolutely love the freedom of doing a femme cosplay. It's also easy on my wallet ('cause grad school). I have my rockin' a shield, which is made from (I actually don't know, tbh) some sort of high-quality foam with a supportive backing. The details are raised and it's just a slight bit smaller than the actual shield would be (which is great for a femme). I also have an awesome Master Sword made from the same material, and I made my own scabbard.
My dress, boots, and bag are from Plato's Closet (which ROCKS for street cosplay, btw), and my belt is from Goodwill (they've got the bargains). The dress is (PERFECT, RIGHT?) pretty, feminine, and the color is spot-on. I love the flowy sleeves, and the flowery details remind me of the actual flower graphics in most of the games. The belt is stretchy, and so freakin' cute that I squealed as soon as I saw it. The boots in most pictures started to fall apart from being in storage too long, so I had to buy a new pair.
AND, I also got these really awesome silver and gold metallic temporary tattoos at Plato's Closet, a big sheet with probs 20+ tattoos for just $3.99. ONE OF THEM IS A TRIFORCE! It's just the perfect size to put on the back of my hand, like Link's.
I also purchased ears (I've put makeup on them since I took those pictures), gloves, and a hat on eBay. However, the hat was too bright (more OoT color than TP) so I covered it with the same color material as my dress. That was my first trip to the Jo-Ann's cutting counter, so it was a very happy moment. :)


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Series The Legend of Zelda
Character Link
Variant Femme, Skyward Sword


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