arijahn as Rumi Wakui

Rumi Wakui

Idolmaster Cinderella Girls

Cosplayer: arijahn
-August 2016

-Being both a cosplayer and a Halloween lover, I try to make at least one Halloween-themed costume per year. I fell in love with Rumi's Halloween gown at first sight and decided to make it in 2016. Since only one reference image of this outfit exists, I had to take some creative liberties with the back and bottom of the design.


-Bodice was made of hand-painted orange satin, stabilized with rigeline boning, and lined with Halloween print cotton. The top of the bodice was trimmed with hand-pleated satin ribbon, and a gold painted bat. The center panel was made of white satin with black satin ribbons, while the hips were decorated with fake flowers and leaves, a soft pumpkin knitted by my mother, a hand-made pearl chain, and leather cord "vines." Since there was no view of the back of the costume, I decided to use black and orange satin ribbon lacing, glitter organza gathered tufts, and hand-made pearl chains.

-Overskirt was made of orange and black striped knit and hand-painted orange satin, with a black glitter organza ruffle.

-The petticoat was hidden under the skirt, but I still wanted to make it match the theme, so it was made of orange and black gathered tulle.

-Hat was patterned by me and made from interfaced orange satin. It was decorated with hand-pleated ribbon trim, rhinestones, bows, glitter cardstock bats, more ribbons, a hand-beaded bow, a pumpkin charm, and a hand-made pearl chain. The whole thing was sewn onto a headband for ease of wear.

-Gloves were reused from my Halloween Sakura costume, shortened, and trimmed in black elastic lace.

-The white underskirt was re-used from my Shadow Yukiko costume.

-Wig was purchased from Amazon years ago.

-Necklace and armband were made by layering and pleating assorted ribbons to match the reference image.

-Shoes were purchased.

-Otakon 2016 Hall Costume Contest 2nd Place Journeyman