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The impetus for this cosplay was a comment I read online by someone stating that they don't like when a person gets lazy and pairs up a Sailor Moon outfit with stripper boots, because it makes the character look "trashy". While I can see where that sentiment comes from, I wanted to demonstrate that it's okay to play up the character's sex appeal. So I decided to do Sailor Moon as if she were a stripper, obviously also inspired by that new Sailor Moon lingerie that's on the market. Wearing lingerie instead of a normal Sailor Moon outfit emphasizes that the sexiness is intentional, and not a result of poor planning.

I wore this cosplay not to insult or poke fun at the character or its fanbase. I am a huge Sailor Moon fan, and have nothing but respect for the series and its audience. But I believe that powerful women do not need to be stripped of their sex appeal in order to be positive role models. After all, wearing miniskirts and high heels is sailor senshi canon. Also, as a biological male, I have no problem sharing the burden that women experience in this sexualized culture to be the target of the male gaze.


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gypsy_girl This is awesome on so many levels.