I got to know the band called Mamono a couple of years ago and started listening to their music and watching their videos. 'ZOMBIE'99' PV became my favorite one and the thing I liked the most there was the image of Mamono vocalist VII. I decided to make his costume for a defile and reproduce zombie dance from the PV.

I didn't have any problems with sewing but it was difficult to decide what kind of material I should use for his black armour. Finally I found two types of rubber which looked exactly how I wanted. Making was fast and Camui helped me with some details as usual.

It was quite pleasant for me to make this costume and I feel myself very nice and comfortable in this image.

Defile video [March 2015]:


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Last Updated 4 years ago
Created 5 years ago
Series Mamono
Character VII
Variant ZOMBIE'99


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