Fate/Grand Order



I used a base coat pattern for the jacket which I ended up having to alter a lot due to sizing issues(thanks McCall. -_-). The gray lines on the sleeves are embroidered on.

Belts are made from scrap fabrics I owned. Belt buckle was also one I owned. The top two belt/strap-things are closed with snaps.

Skirt is one I used for other cosplays and I'm using leggings I already own.

Bought the boots for her.

Went with the orange wig for her hair because the character is supposed to be a genderbent Shirou, design wise. I used a timeskip Nami wig that I cut. The scrunchie was one I "borrowed" from my sister. XD

Saint Quartz- Bought a real piece of quartz in the right shape and painted with nailpolish.


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Series Fate/Grand Order
Character Gudako
Variant AnimeBoston 2016


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