Honey Lemon

Big Hero 6



Oh man, I remember when I first heard about Big Hero 6. I was beyond excited that Disney was giving us a superhero team movie! (Being a huge fan of Super Sentai, I've come to love superhero teams 8D ) (I also know we already got The Incredibles, but that's a Pixar movie, I'm talking straight Disney XD )

I already knew that Honey Lemon was gonna be my favorite character. I loved her hero design at first sight, and when seeing her in her casual wear, I loved her even more.

After seeing the movie, I saw that she had another outfit that consisted of a white/cream(?) sweater and a striped dress/skirt. I became fond of the outfit, so I tried to do something like it! My dress, however, isn't striped, and before I was missing the ribbon, but I now have the ribbon for the next time I wear this version! ^^


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Series Big Hero 6
Character Honey Lemon
Variant White Sweater/Coral Dress


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