Steven Universe



WIG: Arda's "Suzi" in Lightning Pink, heavily styled.

TOP: Made of something called Jet Set which was a nightmare to work with. Double layered to keep it from being see-thru, with a resin star pin from Etsy.

PEPLUM: Same Jet Set as the top, with a layer of interfaced cotton inside.

SASH: Stretch taffeta with craft foam inside both the bow and the actual sash to help it keep its shape.

SHORTS: Marigold stretch knit, modified from a legging pattern.

SOCKS: Light pink sports socks from We Love Colors.

SHOES: Flats from my V1 Pearl, painted teal.

SPEAR: PVC pipe with a wooden dowel for friction fitting and easy travel storage. Blade is craft foam and poster board covered in spackel, wood filler, gesso, spray shellac, spray paint, and then more spray shellac.


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