Rei Hino

Sailor Moon



The robe is sewn & lined in white linen material. The red hakama, the tabi socks & the zori are all purchased. I was nervous to draft a hakama pattern on my own (all those pleats & folds scare me when it comes to sewing culturally accurate clothing) & I couldn't find an accurate pattern in the amount of time I had.

I've wanted to do Rei's shrine priestess outfit since I was 14. 12 years later, I finally accomplished my goal. I made her for the small "Casual Sailor Moon" group I threw together for Nekocon. I was so happy that Minakokitty (Minako), Sarah Jane (Makoto) & LadySummoner (Chibi Usa) joined me. Our group looked so good & it was awesome when people recognized who we were, since you usually see cosplay groups of the girls in only their senshi uniforms <3


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Character Rei Hino


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