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Gaara, The delectable and delicious character famous for his stoic look, fearsome words, and high figure. The question is, Did I do him justice? I can only say, I hope so. Deep deep deeeeep down inside I have always yearned to cosplay as this handsome man, but never had the true courage to do it until the faithful day came where a dear friend of mine smacked some sense into my head and obscurely twisted my brain into believing it can do anything. So, with harsh cosplay research and constant searching I created—in my mind—a Gaara of my like! But Did I Do him justice?!?!?! Well from debuting him at the local Anime Vegas and the instant response of love, I feel I did.

Thank Gods.

Costume Information:

The Wig: The wig was done by myself, cut, fluffed, styled, and dyed and it’s currently up for commission if anymore is interested. (Please contact my DA).

The Make-Up: The painful display of the makeup gave the phantasmal illusion of being Gaara and I felt that it turned out wonderful. I had to cover my eyebrows unfortunately, due to the fact that I didn’t have the balls to shave them off. I used the glue stick method with extra wax to give some coverage on the dang things, and then used Kryolan stick to base my face matte. Smacked on some liquid eyeliner added some shadowing to my eyes, make an AI stencil which my little brother painted for me and viola!

The Robes: I snagged the fabric from my costume design class when the teacher wasn’t looking, so it was free. (Yeah I admit, I ‘stole’ the fabric, but it’s a school that gets reimburse for it!) I did the entire outfit in about two-three hours nonstop and it turned out fantastic! Sure, I broke a few needles and the white fabric didn’t stay white forever, but for the first version on this I did pretty good. I did do the Kazekage hat for an accessory on the gourd out of cardboard, leftover fabric, and paint.

The Shoes: Flip flops and spandex in two minutes.

The Gourd: Ah, the gourd, the precious article that screams a statement as Gaara. This particular one made by the wonderful Peaches-sama, made out of beachballs and suede, that’s collapsible and washable (Thaaaank you!) And honey, the gourd got looove, lots and lots of looove. By people and an alpaca.

A Story: When I first got out of my car, another black car drove up next to me and this dad shouted loudly and proudly out the window, “CAN I TAKE A PICTURE OF YOU, YOU'RE MY SON’S FAVOURITE ‘NAH-ROO-TOE’ CHARACTER!”
I just remember twitching on how he pronounced Naruto, but gladly I got my first picture right when I get out of the car. Sweet. (btw, I don’t think I’ve ever had so many pictures taken of me in my entire life.)

Next Time’s Plan: I would like to make the outfit more ‘authentic’ or ‘historical’ looking. . . and to get a real Kazekage hat . . .


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Variant Kazekage Robes Ver. 1


Towerxz I loved the story! how epic xD