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Probably the most sewing i have ever did out of all of my costumes. I had my mom help me on the more difficult parts putting it together but it was all sewn by me. Soo much stitching and un-stitching never going to procrastinate on sewing ever again!...Hopefully but i am happy to say i have learned so much from this project. The most difficult part was the cape and collar. I wanted it to look nice around my neck but have my head still fit. I wanted to make this outfit because i rly like the costume and i dont see this variant done too much

I still need to dye the colors of my shoes since they are still black


@Avatar Alvaang
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chimchim dude...saw you at ALA and hands down you are the best avatar ive seen!

Dathamster i was the girl with the girl with the long blue hair!!! i think i might have asked you to marry me. sorry about that o_o

Dathamster HEY!!! sorry i didnt send you a PM, it says for inbox is full. But anyways, will you be going to Sac Anime in the summer? id love to see you again :D (nothing weird XD)

Chaobunny-san Cool costume! You make an awesome Aang! =D