Gajeel Redfox

Fairy Tail



Oh Gajeel Redfox, you and your dragonforce. >->
I made everything on this sucker, that wig is actually two separate wigs frankensteined together..
On top of it all, those scales and bolts, they almost killed me... So much detail. DX


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Last Updated 8 years ago
Created 8 years ago
Series Fairy Tail
Character Gajeel Redfox
Variant Dragonforce


koi-ishly You're scale sleeves are amazing, great job! And congrats on winning =) I'd love to know how you did it.

KnightJeran This is so impressive!! I'd love to see a more detail description on how you pulled off this beauty!

Athel Congratulations on the award at Katsucon! ^^