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My friend Mia's dream cosplay was Yukari's big blue dress so Sara and I agreed to cosplay with her and help make the dress. The project was on and off for about two years and we finished JUST in time for Fanime. ...Aka we were finishing beading the last flowers during the registration line ha ha.

I also made Yukari's wig, 65 hand painted flowers and the shoes.
Wig: I braided, cut and attached ~16 wefts to a black base wig. and added the teal flowers. The neckpiece is completely separate. I did it all in one night because of my weird schedule @[email protected] But Im very happy with the turn out.
Shoes: Mia provided me base shes she liked and spare dress fabric. I beaded each cover piece and attached them to the shoe with gesso and glue. I didnt add the extra ankle beads because they kept catching on things like the hoopskirt etc.

Miwako's notes:
The shirt was one I actually made for Sora from Shitsurakuen. The jewelry and most accessories I already owned. The wig is too pink for my taste, but its not so bad. I teased and pinned all the curls in place and made hairpins of ribbon I found and blue rhinestones. The highwaisted skirt is heaaaavily ruffled and laces up in the back. I also made a ruffle-tier skirt to show through the back.


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