Pinkie Pie




Commission :)

Designed from reference photos and the client's wants!

The hat is made the frame from stiff interfacing. Covered in white peachskin, all hand sewn. The band is blue peachskin with the circles machine embroidered. The bow is hot pink peachskin~ first time doing a shaped bow but I'm happy with it :D Used a button in the middle~

The petticoat is made it exactly like my Alice one. No teirs, only 6 layers circle skirts of peachskin and 3 layers of netting. The layers are pink, blue,yellow, pink, blue, yellow =3
It has a blue waistband that took soo long to get on due to the massive amount of fabric. IT IS HEAVY. I really like how it looks like blue frosting on top XD She wanted a more A-line skirt so its not as full as my Alice one. Really proud of this one =3

The white apron of the pink skirt is also peachskin and lined. Oh and has pockets! One of the first things finished because all the candies are machine embroidered and one set of lollis and candy corn took around 1 hr and 15 minutes and there were a couple of sets haha

I made the pink skirt while waiting. I cut out a circle skirt meant to be gathered, serged the hem and once my machine was free, I hemmed it with a decorative stitch while adding on a trim :)

Then I drafted the bodice, made the striped fabric (all peachskin) before sewing it all together. Very thin interfacing and boning for slight structure. The white apron and the pink skirt were sewn to the bodice and I used a blue zipper to add some character to the back x3 The bow I was going to use in the back ended up in the front cause I just found it cuter there.

Is that is? =D Guess so~


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Series MLP : FiM
Character Pinkie Pie


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