Gally/Alita (Berserker)



Gally/Alita is the costume I made with Dinotiste (as Zechs) for the ECG prelims in Belgium :-)

We are both fans of the serie and we had been talking about making these cosumes for a long time!

Alita's costume was unexpectedly hard to make. I didn't face much problems with the catsuit or the pairs of gloves, but making the armored in a way that allowed me to move was the hardest part.

How I did:

* I used a regular catsuit pattern for making the basis of the catsuit. I then modified it to look like Alita's (aka the sleeves' shape + adding a collar)

* for the arms, I made full silver gloves attached to a silver top so they wouldn't move. I made a pair of fingerless gloves to go over that.

* For the boots, I covered some short round shoes with yellow leatherette. On that, I added the "loose socks" made out of the same material. (to make the loose socks look like mine, well you basically need to make 2 long tubes of leatherette, then add an elastic at each end of it. So when you put in on your leg and adjust it to your leg's dimensions, it will male little nice pleats on its own ;))

* For the arms, I used Worbla, and on some places, worbla + foam. The hardest part was to articulate them so my movements wouldn't be too limited. So there were articulation devices on my shoulders, on my elbow, and between the upper and lower arms parts. That was the tricky bit... They were just articulated by riveting several pieces together like it was done in the past for articulated plate armors.

* For the kneepads: they were articulated with the same technique. The biggest part of the knee armors were riveted to a kneepad I made out of a very thick elastic material covered with the same material as the catsuit's. The upper parts were then attached on the kneepad with a belt, so I would keep my knee moving. If I was bending my knee, the upper part would go up and the lower part would go down without any problem.

* The damas was made with MDF wood (6mm) then carved and worked on by hand ;) I was helped a lot by Infected_Gulli's tutorial and also by Astria web's WIP pictures. They were both very inspiring!

* I made the jacket out of 4m of leatherette. It was interfaced and lined, making it a 3 layered jacket ;) very warm to walk in the slums haaa <3


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Series GUNNM
Character Gally/Alita (Berserker)
Variant Battle Angel Alita


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