ChiisaiYume as Chise



Cosplayer: ChiisaiYume
-----------Costume Construction---------------

Worked on this on and off for half a year. The gun is based off the Vulcan minigun M134. The base of the gun was made of multiple layers of bristol board rolled into tube shape. The barrels are actually paper rolls that wrapping paper came with. The rest are made of foam board, craft foam and more bristol board. Wires coming out of the gun are attached to my sleeve with velcro and there's a total of 19 real metal screws in it. The gun can rotate as there is a manual lever on the inside so I can turn it

For the wings, I used a material I've never worked with before, clear acrylic sheets (aka Plexiglass). To cut it, since I didn't have a jigsaw, I scored each edge first and then bent it to break it. Then I sanded and burned the edges so its smooth. Cutting the wings out alone took about 8 hours. I painted it with glass paint to retain the transparent look. The wings are movable too since I added door hinges!

A lot of thought and planning went into it so I could make everything move >__<


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Most Dramatic Presentation

Best Ultimate Weapon

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