Super Mario Bros.



Oh gosh. When did this idea take root? Our group was working on our ACTUAL Super Mario Bros cosplays and somehow we starting talking about a Godfather/mafia mash-up version of Mario Bros. Suddenly we were almost dropping the regular version (we're still doing it, but it took the back burner) and scrambled to obtain pinstripe suits, pocket squares, and fedoras. This was the result.

The suits were purchased. We bought a bit of nice silk for the pocket squares and added ribbon on the fedoras to match. I doubt it will show in any photos, but we're all wearing brightly colored socks to match our character as well. Add a few costume cigars/cigarettes/gaudy fashion jewelry and we were just about done!

The Nai Pie made her own crown and she and Decus made the spiked bat using a plastic bat, spray paint, and bead spikes.

The response to these costumes was very positive, but it really only works if we have at least two or three of us together. We may end up adding our character's letter to the hats...or something.


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Series Super Mario Bros.
Character Luigi
Variant Super Mafia Bros


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