Shinya Kougami




The outfit is of course just a black suit I had on hand. I bought a new pair of shoes to (kinda) match what Kougami has on, plus a little style points.

Wig is of course cut and styled.

The Dominator is the (un)official model kit bought from Poseidon in Japan, so everything came out of the box in pieces and in two colors, black and very dark brown.

A run down of what I had to do myself on the Dominator:

-Drill the holes for the lights.
-Paint the gun pieces a more metallic black color.
-Cover holes with blue painter's tape
-Place and glue where the LED lights will go. I used a set of battery operated LED string lights
-Paint the grip pieces a brighter brown, and hand paint not only the silver details, but the Sibyl System logo.
-Modify the back piece for battery compartment fitting.
-Glue everything together.

So yes, a bought prop, but a lot of work still had to go into it.


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Character Shinya Kougami


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