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This is the costume that got me into cosplay! I've been wanting to make this costume ten years ago, and it inspired me to learn how to sew! Harle has been a very dear character to me from the very beginning, and she never leaves my party in Chrono Cross once she joins (until she leaves, that is). :3

So, this costume was very deceivingly difficult for me, the hat being the most difficult (followed by the gloves). One new technique I learned from this costume is slush casting with resin! My boobcones are super light as well as very sturdy! It's definitely a technique I will be using for my future costumes. :3


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Series Chrono Cross
Character Harle


TunaTetrazzini Awesome Harle! Glad that you could make your dream costume a reality!

LadyPara You are a perfect and adorable Harle. She is my favorite as well.

16bitlaughter epically awesome!