Little Sister

BioShock 2



I really wanted a yellow gingham dress, but I already had so much extra pink fabric, I decided to go that route. Distressing was done using dull scissors to cut my fabric, cheap nail files to add roughness around the edges, and watered down paints to add some dinginess. My ADAM syringe was made from an antique gas pump purchased from eBay for 20$, a piece of wood my dad shaped on a lathe which I then sanded down into a point, and a bottle which previously held hair color. I bought a feather butterfly from Michael's for an extra touch and repainted it myself.
I had way too much fun with the makeup! I even tricked a few people, including a nurse, with my bruises. The stage blood I used was coagulated so it didn't run but it dried up pretty quickly; however, with the right shading under it, it made for pretty sweet looking scabs.

Original wig was a styled Angela 850, no stubbing.

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Series BioShock 2
Character Little Sister


zssfanxxx I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!! CUTE!!!

carladawn You look soooooo amazing!!!!