Kaito Wanijima

Air Gear

@Fallen Sephiros
I recently finished this cosplay, figuring that now that I'm older I can probably pull him off better.

I used my second Sephiroth wig for this cosplay, rinsing out the bangs and shortening them. Kaito's hair is white, and frankly, so is my old Sephiroth wig.

I made the muscle shirt out of white cotton, and added a small little K on the left strap.

The jacket I made ouf of canvas, not really being a jacket, but having the appearance of one, and added a thin lining so that I can wear it when it's a bit chilly out.

The pants were made out of white denim that I dyed purple.

The shoes, I hunted down in thrift stores until I found them.

Kaito's easy to make, but damn the man is evil and crazy. He almost makes Agito look normal xD

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@Fallen Sephiros
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Character Kaito Wanijima
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