Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei



That wig, it sucks. I need a new one. =A= It didn't help that I had braids underneath it. Braids + Cheap Wigs= Not fun. Braids + Not Cheap Wigs= A little better. The wig cap didn't even help. It might have even been because the wig was so short. &gt;.<;;
Any way, everything else...I really liked. <3

You can do SO much with this character!~ While dressed up as Aoyama, I went to a Hetalia gathering with Seychelles' dress over my uniform and then went to a MSPA gathering with my Terezi shirt and horns on which I had worn the day before... -sigh-
Any way, talk about party crashing as Aoyama. :U -not really- And he'd totally do it...if he was with Kino or Haga, who I didn't have. ;A; Someone be one of those boys with me, seriously, it's lonely. XD

The best thing is, it's a pretty casual looking cosplay, so I think maybe I'll wear it to school sometimes. -brick'd- You can get away with SO MUCH in it! I love it! :'D But sadly, no one knows who you are. ;w;

The star shirt I made with an iron on thing. Not so bad. -nod nod- It's just THAT WIG! UGH!

EDIT: New wig, new glasses, added substitute sash. I adore this cosplay. Someone please jump around with me as Kino and/or Haga. ;^;


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Series Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei
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