Dir En Grey



Actually I had never planned to make this Die costume because it hadn't been in my favourites. But I agreed to sew it because my friend Camui had always wanted to create Kyo's costume from Deity concept. This Die's costume is one of the most difficult ones so I spent much trouble on its making. Despite of all the difficulties I really enjoyed the process of creating this cosplay and I can admit that I came to love it at the end.

I'm fully satisfied with our two defiles and a photoshoot with Camui.

Defile video [May 2011]: https://youtu.be/WQFMZz9y-D4

Defile video [November 2011]: https://youtu.be/bRSzNNGZl_0


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Created 10 years ago
Series Dir En Grey
Character Die
Variant The new-type of Deity


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