Sakura Kinomoto

Cardcaptor Sakura



As most of my costumes lately, this costume was a HUGE learning experience.

The hat was made from a pattern out of kona cotton, lining and buckram and wire. The feathers are ostrich feathers that were bought online. The main jacket was made with kona cotton and red nonstatic lining. The bias tape was dyed with RIT dye to match the spraypaint color I got. The pattern was modified to add the tails and the V areas. The sleeves are princess sleeves that I cut slits in them and then heat bonded the edges over so that you wouldn't see a seam line.

the collar thing was one of the hardest. I did it twice and i'm still not happy with it.

The pants were a mistake and should have re-done them. The leg parts were too small and cut off my circulation a bit. But I was in a hurry.

All gems were casted and then varnish added on top to make it look shinier.

The cape was made out of satin taffeta.

The boots were found on ebay

The wand I had from a previous cardcaptor outfit

The pants are bugging me too much and will be fixed next time I wear this outfit.

Same with the wig. I had to go back to my hotel room before judging so that I could fix the cape (it kept falling off) and my wig (it kept riding back).

Unfortunately, someone stepped on my cape and the seam split down the middle so I'll have to sew that up again.


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Series Cardcaptor Sakura
Character Sakura Kinomoto


MugetsuHime You look most adorable! I'm sad that I missed you at Anime Matsuri....regardless, you did an impressive job!