Hannah Anafeloz (Hannah Annafellows)

Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji II



This was a commissioned cosplay. I could have made it, but in this case, it was cheaper to buy one. I still ended up modifying the size to fit me better.

Lip colour was a custom mix I blended to match the anime. I used OCC lip tars to create it. The shade is a little lighter to match my skin tone better. Also wearing purple lip colour will make your teeth more yellow looking in contrast. >_<

The wig was my old undertake wig.

The blood is from a gel hand prints I got that year from BuyCostumes.com and are now more popular to find during Halloween. I recommend the thicker ones rather than the cheap flat ones you can find at dollar stores. Most costume store will have then during Halloween and online as well.

I love the fact my skin looks darker than fair with the contrast to all white and silver. She's a demon that is Welsh but has tan skin. lol I figure being so pale in life left her wanting to be more tan as a demon. ^__^

My real first name comes from Wales a well. ;)

The photoshoot with DROO was interesting because Hannah is so not animated personality wise. But she shows her demonic side with zeal.

To me, she will always be Hannah Annafellows. I love her character, and it was nice to do a female cosplay after so long.

For some reason between the wig, hat and eye bandages my face looks longer then it is. It was a cool effect I'd like to replicate. In the future somehow.

Costume sold to chi-chan on Cosplay.com


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Series Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji II
Character Hannah Anafeloz (Hannah Annafellows)


TortureBunni This is great. I love that you did the blood running down her face, it adds a unique touch. You make a wonderful Hannah.

StarlitLullaby You even did the eyeball in the mouth. XD I love it so much, especially your attention to the little things (like the blood/eyepatch, the eyeball, even the color of her lips).

CourtoonXIII Oh wow!! This is so stunning!! Great job!! and awesome... everything!

KnightJeran You're an amazing Hannah Annafellows.