Miyamoto Rei

Highschool of the Dead

@Fire Lily
I absolutely love "High School of the Dead" - zombies, fan service, kids kicking butt...it's awesome!! My friend Envel already had a Takagi Saya costume, so I roped her into cosplaying with me as Miyamoto Rei. Rei is too cute, and feisty, too!

Envel was nice enough to send me the left over fabrics she used for her costume so we were somewhat matching. The shirt is white stretch knit with celery green sateen side panels. I used green broadcloth for the skirt, sailor collar and hand-made bias tape. The bow is black cotton.

Black thigh highs and plain white Keds were purchased. The wig is the absolute perfect color and I'm so pleased with it!! The antennae were molded with glue and the ponytail was thickened with the extra wig hair I cut off from it.

Super easy costume, super fun times. Can't wait to wear Rei again!!!
@Fire Lily
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Series Highschool of the Dead
Character Miyamoto Rei

Lycorisa Sounds like you had a lot of fun with this cosplay! Awesome job~ You make a wonderful Rei!