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* New boots photo added! *

My cosplay dream come true! Sailor Mercury has always been my favorite senshi ever since I was a little girl. I always looked up to her and hoped that I would become as smart, beautiful, and kind as her when I grew up. She is and always has been my hero!

Cosplay Head-to-Toe:

- The wig is a blue-black mix purchased online. I cut and styled it myself!
- The tiara was purchased from Catzia's Collectables. It has a smooth dark blue gem with added metal detail.
- My eyebrows were colored blue using matte eyeshadow.
- The visor was a lucky find online. They're actually lab safety goggles!
- The earrings are custom-dyed "PGSM Mercury Earrings" from Catzia's Collectables.
- The star on the choker is a button purchased at a local craft store. It had a raised knob for stitching on the back, which I cut off with nail clippers then sanded down flat before hot-gluing it to the choker.
- The fuku was custom-made according to my measurements by the talented Ammie! She also made the choker, glove tops, and boot covers. Thank you for making my cosplay dream come true!
- The gloves are white "Shoulder Gloves" from We Love Colors. Ammie added the blue tops to them for me!
- The super computer is actually an empty baby wipes case purchased at the dollar store! I glued a locker mirror inside to act as a screen. It served as my wallet/purse for the convention!
- I made the gold Mercury symbol using polymer clay, gold paint, and gloss.
- My first boots were stretch boot covers made by Ammie. Unfortunately, they took a beating at the con, so I had to make a replacement pair that would survive my abuse, haha!
- The replacement boots were a lucky find at the thrift store. They were originally dark brown, but I painted them blue using several layers of flexible fabric paint. The light blue tops are separate vinyl pieces that are attached to the boots using velcro.

If you have any questions about this costume, feel free to PM me. Thanks for looking!


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TiaLuna Can you post a link to the commissioner? it\s beautiful work! :o

Mr. Robot Your Sailor Mercury is amazing! Every detail is nailed down and the results are fantastic. I've seen a few senshi uniforms made my Ammie on here and the thing I am always most impressed with is how she gets the hip roll to form a V in the front. You look awesome, and it always great to see more fans of Mercury. =D

Ammie You do make a wonderful Sailor Mercury! You really have the right look for her! I love the little computer you made for it! Really genius how you made it too XD

dalbkino Wow! Your sailor mercury cosplay is awesome! XD

Narnian Well done! Your Super Sailor Mercury is fantastic!

Fabulousity This is one of the best Mercurys I've seen!!!!