Medusa Gorgon

Soul Eater



This was Debuted at Colossalcon 2012. It's so far also been at Youmacon '12 and Animarathon '13. i made the hood from scratch and added the "eyes" (fleece). i'm really disappointed with the eyelets on the collar but c'est la vie. i also made the Stein costume that's in some of the photos. medusa was actually a two-piece outfit so i could get out of it more easily. it was SO comfortable to wear (if the top was a BIT longer it would have been a tad more comfortable..) simple cosplay and awesome fun times! i loved wearing this SO much!! also the nails kept falling off. i got a pair of contacts at the con. very uncomfortable =(


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Series Soul Eater
Character Medusa Gorgon
Variant regular


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