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Ahri is one of my AP mid champs from LoL and since NYCC was approaching I thought "Why not?" and cosplayed as her.

Her corset was a pain to make. The silk fabric was cheap and hard to work with. It also kept slipping off through out the convention because I didn't make it tight enough. Too bad my knowledge of sewing is so poor.

The skirt is made up of 2 pieces. I such at appliques and used heat-n-bond to make the patterns. However, they started pealing off during the convention so I ripped them off.

The ears were pretty much the easiest thing to do. I made them out of sculpty, hot glue gunned them to a hair band and placed some black boa to give them a furry look.

I bought the contacts from honeycolor.com. They are called "EOS Adult Brown". I found them very uncomfortable due to the fact that they were circle lenses. I wasn't used to them since I use regular contact lenses.

I got really lazy with the tails. Didn't feel like getting fancy with the wires and the stuffing so I just used white boa strips and had them hang off the skirt.

Hmm, that's pretty much it. Good luck to those of you who are cosplaying Ahri. Please do a better job than I did ^^;


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_Emmy_ You should convince him to play, LoL is so much fun :D

outkin OH HEY!! i saw you o.o i smacked my friend on the arm and pointed to you since ive been trying to get him to play LoL xD