Yuna Braska

Final Fantasy X-2



I started work on this cosplay awhile ago and ended up completing it this summer.

Overall I'm pretty proud of it, but there's somethings that could easily be improved on. The wig needs a bit more trimming, and some extra hairspray would've done some good during the shoot.

I'd really like to remake the sash/skirt. When I initially made it, I had very little idea as to how to make it look right. It turned out ok, but it's far from my best work.

I'm missing the microphone sadly, and I'd also like to make boot covers for the next time I wear it.

A big thanks to my two friends for helping me hand sew the ruffle onto the vest and adding some final details!

I hope to eventually make at least one more dress sphere for Yuna. I also have a summoner Yuna in the works.

This cosplay is also on my Deviantart if you're interested. :)


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Last Updated 7 years ago
Created 8 years ago
Series Final Fantasy X-2
Character Yuna Braska
Variant Songstress


Narnian Gorgeous! Well done!