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Everybody's favorite Shinigami. I based my Ryuk mainly on an image from Takeshi Obata's Blanc et Noir. Thank you everyone for your kind comments, and I'm humbled to be granted another showcase.

Part 1: The Build/Progress Photos
Gallery: http://www.cosplay.com/gallery/232910/p1_oia

Part 2: Close Up/Details of Finished Pieces

Part 3: The Final Costume


This costume would not have been possible without all the other Ryuk cosplayers out there; I looked at many-a-photo before I even started mine, and was delighted to see a enthusiastic crowd of people making this costume. QueenToast, SuzzyToast and fly_aguilera have some of the best Ryuks I have ever seen.

Ryuk could also not have been done without the help of my husband, who helped bandaged me up in plaster-of-paris, and who helped/was *needed* to help get me into costume. And thanks to my friend Rachel; it took three of us to transport cement back and forth between locations to make my new head armature.


This cosplay consists of a long leather shirt, leather pants, leather boots, a pleather-and-leather belt, leather belt bag, leather notebook, 3 resin rings, 2 bracelets, "arm skull", buckle, belt end, chain connector, pen, belt and notebook cross, shrink-plastic chain, staples and teeth, latex mask, resin eyes, "painted" and styled wig, and a whole lot of feathers. Everything was either made or heavily altered, including the boots.

The leather outfit was made of over 80 pieces of leather patch-worked together. Individual pieces were drafted and cut out, given texture with a wood-burning tool and sewn to other pieces. Zippers, grommets, studs and cords adorned the piece, along with kneepads and a spine, both of which were formed by soaking leather in water and leaving them around various objects to dry. The mask and bling were all sculpted out of clay, then cast in the appropriate material. The wig was "painted" black and glued to the mask. The entire costume took over 2 months to make.


I like the photos I have - for the most part. I, er, fell of a stage while wearing it...so that is why in the photos my chains are broken, I'm lacking claws/fingernails, and my mask is flipped up. I think I have one photo where I actually am wearing my fingernails!

Overall a fun but painful costume to wear. The mask is hot and the resin eye dig right into my eye-sockets, so it's not the most pleasant feeling in the world. Add dealing with eyeballs that fog up and leave you wandering around blind, counting steps. Still, I did get a kick out of wearing it, and I think people enjoyed seeing it. I may just actually wear it again! (So long as I can fix the eyeball fogging issue. Soap, saliva or some commercial product may be involved in the future.)


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DetectiveSadist Amazing, really amazing. :D

Leedwood I know how to fix the eyeball fogging issue- had the same problem with Tooth! Well done on an amazing costume! Do get in touch if you want.

Likasahi EPIC!

Ikuzo Jordan JUISHEE!

locknloadharley whoaaaa cool!!!!!!!

sailorsofi Would you think about making the mask + wig again by comission? I'm interested in pay you to make one. Not kidding!

lauren m loper wow where did you get the mask ?

DARTH CRANE Magistralmente bien logrado!

Vampire_Chibi have you ever been at conneticon 2011

Fireeyes0723 Wow!!!!

striker0 First off, yeah that costume looks hot to wear. I'm sweating just looking at you. But you did a amazing job. I've seen people cosplay Ryuk, but no where as good as you. You totally deserve this spotlight!

Sier Yu_An the real ryuuk *A*)b gosh,, amazing >.<b

MissAlexandra Wowowow!! Supercalifradilisticachbealidocious cosplay!!!&#9734;*:.&#65377;. o(&#8807;&#9661;&#8806;)o .&#65377;.:*&#9734;

juanjia18 i have to say,it's really amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Terqoiz This is amazing :D

chibi_kitsune Wow, this is an amazing Ryuk cosplay!

MichaelReddish Waaaau Cool!

TomatoandScones Ryuk done RIGHT!

WARPAINTandUnicorns I've been watching your progress one this well done and great a new full body shots.

supergeekgirl This is the best re-creation I have ever seen. YOU ARE RYUK. The molding is flawless.