Viveeh as Calne Ca human ver. / Hatsune Miku

Calne Ca human ver. / Hatsune Miku

Deino3330 / Vocaloid

Cosplayer: Viveeh
I've wanted to make Miku's default outfit since forever ago. I changed my mind though after seeing it done so many times because I like to have a new challenge when making my cosplay. So for a while I planned to do Calne Ca with the robot parts, but decided against that because they would be so hard to transport. So, when I saw Calne Ca's human version I knew that was the one I could make. I think Deino's work is really cool and he got some good music to go with it.

I wanted to have this all PVC vinyl with my knee-length wig and some crazy heels. I worked for a year on and off. I wanted to have lights on my sleeve panels and headset, a totally accurate bug prop, and carefully constructed clothing. This is the most I've ever worked with vinyl but I like how it all came together.

A description on how I made it will be shared on my website.

All in all this was a fun new challenge and completely ridiculous and came out just as planned. Extremely uncomfortable to wear... and once again I told myself to make something comfortable for next year.

I got so many photos taken and so many nice comments from people at Anime Expo. Thank you all so much!