Tentacle Rape




A remix of one of my first and favorite cosplays - Japanese schoolgirl being attacked by tentacles! I had the idea to "distress" my old sailor fuku, to give the impression of the tentacles ripping off my clothes, but ended up using a sexed up sailor fuku instead. I left off my shoe on the leg the tentacle was attacking however.

Tentacles were made similar to last time, using fencing wire instead of wire hangers, for a little bit more flexibility. We never finished the arm tentacle, but did get a tentacle to go around my waste this time. The tentacles are attached (the lower one by fabric loop, and the upper one by wire loop) to a thin belt under my skirt, that sits tight along my hips. For the socks (or, rather, sock :p), I didn't have time to order authentic Japanese "loose socks", so I put on a regular ankle sock and then re-purposed the leg warmers from my White Rock Shooter cosplay.


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Character Tentacle Rape


OrangeHotaru Subtle but brilliant!