Professor Dolores Umbridge

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix



This all got started when I saw this beautifully hideous pink sweater at Value Village. It immediately brought to mind Umbridge. I shook my head and walked away. I just couldn’t bring myself to cosplay her. She’s just too vile. A few days later, it was still there. The next week it was still there and I still thought it was perfect for Umbridge. So, I bought it.

Skirt – I crocheted it to flair out at the bottom.

Hat – Also crocheted. I used a popcorn stich to make it look reminiscent of one of Umbridge’s hats.

Shoes – I can’t believe that I managed to find two different pairs of pink shoes. One looks more like what Umbridge would wear, but had a high heel. The other pair far more comfortable, but not the right pink.

Wand – bought at Halloween.

Trim – I crocheted the trim using the same yarn as the hat to pull together all my pinks.


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Series Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Character Professor Dolores Umbridge


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